Strange happenings on the Piccadilly to MediaCityUK line today (08/01) sent amused travellers into a tizz as they were greeted by none other than Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger.

As part of the cereal giant’s move to MediaCityUK, the company decided to introduce themselves to the neighbours by jollying up their Monday morning commute.

Kellogg’s– who moved its UK headquarters to Orange Tower (Media City) today (08/01) – caused a grrrreat rush hour roar by taking over TfGM Metrolink travel announcements and the MediaCityUK tram stop.

Tony the Tiger was also spotted meeting people off the tram at Kellogg’s new home, stopping for selfies at Cornbrook station and adding a little cheer to the otherwise busy, rush hour commute from Piccadilly.

Last Wednesday (03/01) actor Tom Clarke Hill, the voice of Tony the Tiger, came to Manchester to record the tram announcements in Transport for Greater Manchester’s Trafford depot.

Speaking about his debut, Mr Clarke Hill, said: “I’ve been the voice of Tony the Tiger for nearly 20 years. I used to watch the Kellogg’s Frosties adverts when I was a kid and mimic the voice, over time practise makes perfect.

“It has been really exciting to be involved in this latest project, it is has been really fun to be involved in the next chapter of the company – the move to MediaCity, it’s going to be grrrreat!”

Regular, beady-eyed commuters may also have spotted the big, orange cat roaming the line in the run up to the HQ move, sussing out the best way to get to his new home.

Working with TfGM Metrolink, Kellogg’s have also taken over the MediaCityUK tram stop with a friendly welcome message and Tiger spottings have been tracked on social media under the hashtags #TonytakeoverTfGM and #KelloggsMediaCity.

TfGM’s Head of Metrolink, Danny Vaughan, said: “We are delighted to be working with Kellogg’s to promote their move to MediaCityUK. It was brilliant to see Tony’s takeover of the MediaCityUK stop and hear him welcoming our customers with his distinctive voice.”

Kellogg’s new headquarters will house people who run the company’s UK and Irish sales and marketing business as well as support functions for its European operations, including those involved in research, food development, marketing, sales, human resources and finance.

The cereal giant confirmed the relocation of its 420 UK office employees from its Manchester Old Trafford HQ in August. The company will now share a building with Salford University and ITV.


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