Worker Bees assemble to the Industrial Zone inside the Crystal Maze LIVE Experience for Manchester Day


The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience is joining fellow Mancunions to celebrate the great city by transforming its Industrial Zone for Manchester Day.

The iconic ‘Worker Bees’, symbolic with the city’s resilience and work ethic forged during the Industrial Revolution, will feature both inside and outside the Manchester-based attraction and predominantly in the Industrial Zone.

Visitors to the attraction from Monday 11 June until Sunday 17 June will notice some Manchester-esque updates to the décor, the props and the games inside the Industrial Zone, and should keep an eye out for some well-known Mancunion quotes and phrases buzzing around.

Lauren Dale, Marketing Manager at the Crystal Maze LIVE Experience Manchester said: “Manchester is a great city and we are thrilled to join in and celebrate the best of what Manchester has to offer, its pride, diversity and solidarity.

“It just felt right to ‘Mancify’ our maze and particularly our Industrial Zone. One of four, our Industrial Zone is extremely popular with players and we can’t wait to see the reaction when people enter and witness our worker bees in action! What better way to showcase the heritage of the great city than by transforming our Industrial Zone and other areas of the Maze to mark the occasion!”

Since joining the pioneering city in March 2016, The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience has become an integral part of the leisure offering and one of the most popular choices for interactive days out in Manchester.

If you were a die-hard fan of the iconic 90s show, are buzzing about Manchester Day or if you simply enjoy a challenge, then this is the perfect activity for you. You and your team can then follow your designated Maze Master around the attraction’s four themed zones: Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic.

Inside each zone are different challenges: skill, physical, mental and mystery and it’s up to your team captain to decide who takes on what challenge with the ultimate goal of winning a crystal. Each crystal won means more time in the iconic ticket dome, where the aim is to catch enough golden tickets to secure your place on the coveted leader board!

To book tickets and to play and see the bees themselves visit: All visits must be booked in advance and drinking before the Crystal Maze LIVE Experience will prohibit from participation with no refunds available.

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