Come on, Manchester, let the gut times roll.

  • 1 in 3 people now suffer with digestive issues
  • 1 in 5 take time off work due to their symptoms
  • 1 in 4 have avoided going out
  • 1 in 10 people have suffered depression as a result of gut problems

Gut health affects everyone, yet most people don’t know how important it is. The Gut Stuff is on a mission to make gut health more palatable with advice that’s accessible yet credible, and they arrive in Manchester this February.

Believing that it doesn’t matter how much science reveals about the importance of the microbiome unless we can all understand how to act upon the strides we’re making, The Gut Stuff, founded by Lisa and Alana Macfarlane (The Mac Twins) and India Wardrop, is committed to fighting the fads, demystifying the science and giving everyone the tools and knowledge to improve their gut health.

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The Gut Stuff was set up after twins Alana and Lisa became the “chief guinea pigs” for Professor Tim Spector and the Twin Research department at Kings College. They discovered that despite having 100% the same DNA, their guts have only 40% the same microbiota, which could explain why their bodies behave so differently.

Whether it’s via their informative website with its free ask a nutritionist services, or at their supper clubs or roadshow events, their mission is to bring the exciting information they are learning to the masses – not just the “wellbeing aware” middle classes.  Following the success of the Old Street tube takeover event in London, the next stop was to burst the London bubble and set up in Manchester!

“Talking about the gut ain’t sexy, just googling it brings up a rather disturbing mosaic of beer bellies and intestinal diagrams – it’s no wonder we’re all confused,” comments Lisa.

“For too long, healthy eating advice has been a choice between dry scientists and slimy charlatans. But why should science be hard? And why should every fad feel like a fraud?” continues Alana.

From 19th-23rd February The Gut Stuff roadshow will be taking over Bruntwood’s Manchester Technology Centre, part of Circle Square on Oxford Road. There will be thousands of free “gut-friendly” breakfasts for morning commuters and shots of good bacteria to set you up for the day. Kicking off with an IBS supper club on 19th, the doors will then be open from 8am – 7pm on 20th, 21st and 22nd and 9am-3pm on Saturday 23rd February.

Hear from the world’s leading gut experts such as Miguel Toribio-Mateas and Dr Dawn Harper with live talks and workshops taking place throughout the week and meet the latest health brands who share similar beliefs on the importance of good gut health including Kellogg’s, Symprove, Atlas Biomed, Bimuno, Wild Fizz Kombucha, Pres Juice and Bio-tiful.

For more information visit

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