Things that Mancunians say, that nobody else understands…

“Alreet our Kid, you buzzing for the weekend? You going out on the lash? Or just going for a bit of scran? I hear that Beat Street is well good! If you aint going then take ya head for a wobble!”. Is this sentence something that you can come to grips with and understand? If so then you know your Manc slang well! Manchester is well known for its music, football, nightclubs and its culture, but it is also very well known for its slang. Below are some of the best Manchester slang phrases……How many of these do you recognise?

1.“Chattin’ Macka” – You’re talking rubbish.

Context – “Ur chattin’ macka you mate”

2. “Gaggin” – Thirsty/ In need of a drink. 

Context – “I’m gaggin’ for a drink”

3. “Keks” – Trousers

Context – “Nice Keks them mate”

4. “Buzzin” – Excited

Context – “Buzzin’ for the weekend me.”

5. “innit” – Isn’t it

Context – “Its hot innit.”

6. Mingin’ – Gross/Disgusting

Context – “Your dinner looks mingin’”

7. Cinnabit – See you later

Context – “Cinnabit mate”

8. Y’all right – How are you/Are you okay

Context – “Y’all right mate, hows it going”

9. Scran – Food

Context – “wanna get some scran later?”

10. Swear down – To tell the truth

Context – “Nah, I swear down he did”

11. Well – Very

Context – “That bird’s well fit”

12. Our kid – Brother

Context – “Where’s our kid”

13. Snide – Selfish, tight

Context – “Give us a bit of that, don’t be snide”

14. Chuddy or Chud – Chewing Gum

Context – “You got any chuddies?”

15. Nice one/Top one – Excellent, fantastic

Context – “Nice one for fixing my car mate”

16. Mint – excellent, very good.

Context – “your hair looks mint”

17. Strop – Temper

Context – “David’s having a strop mam”

18. Angin’ – not very nice

Context – “Err that’s angin”

19. Ee are? – Excuse me

Context –  “Ee are, what you doing?”

20. Give your ‘ead a wobble – You need to have a rethink.

Context – “Ea are mate Give your ‘ead a wobble.”

We know we’ve probably not included them all so tweet us at @McrPulse with some of the ones that we have missed out on. …..Come on!!! Don’t be snide! Cinnabit!

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