Archie’s Flagship Store Shake’s Up Manchester’s Dining Scene

The coolest Burger, Waffle and Shake store expands and opens its doors as it’s new fabulous flagship store.

Archie’s is Manchester’s famous, modern day restaurant-diner known for its 100% organic, handmade smashed beef burgers, hot cheese crinkle cut fries, and celeb shakes – an Archie’s touch! A vibrant, fun and lively place with mass appeal for everyone to come and enjoy good food at a good price. Archie’s has earned a loyal following around the UK, and is looking forward to expanding nationally.


“The excitement and growth of Archie’s over the past 5 years has been incredible, we’ve exceeded our expectations and have been placed on the map as Manchester’s number one burger and shake haven”. Imran Rafiq, Archie’s Co-owner . “We’ve worked hard to provide great customer service and creating a connection with artisanal producers so we can provide our customers with the freshest, and tastiest experience as a fast food restaurant.  Our menu has been crafted to be customisable, so each customer has their own signature experience, with a wide range of burgers, shakes and waffles like no other. We look forward to the excitement that the expansion of our Flagship store will bring, and connecting with Manchester’s community.”


Manchester City Centre is the North Wests premier retail location; appealing to locals and out of Towner’s . Archie’s Flagship store will be located on the main Oxford Road that runs from the city centre, encompassing the mass student population on its doorstep. The funky, cool and quirky interior will feature neon wall lights, curved booths for seating, a new glass wall waffle station and a mirror selfie booth. Like all Archie’s, this location will feature energy efficient kitchen equipment and lighting along with it’s friendly staff for the optimal experience.

Archie’s are also re-launching their menu, adding some new burgers and waffles to their favourites.

In line with Archie’s commitment to provide the highest quality food, Archie’s Star Burgers are made with the freshest local ingredients and meat. The highly prized, Archie’s Handmade Smashed is made from succulent prime ground beef, once you’ve tried a smashed burger you won’t want anything else, ever. Archie’s Chicken Cheetos, is another favourite with crunchy Cheetos and hot cheese sauce, an Archie’s original. New additions include the Archie’s Chicado (grilled chicken, fresh avocado and turkey bacon),


Archie’s has been stamped as the celebrity spot to be in Manchester, with appearances from Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather, Pia Mia, Ne-yo, Nas, The Game and Amir Khan to name a few, inspiring their signature celeb shakes and giving the brand it’s attractive star-studded appeal in town.

The flagship branch will hold 150 seats, with VIP booths for parties and booked dining providing the ultimate hang out sport for food lovers. Archie’s will also work alongside Manchester’s vast university community (The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University), creating an expansive new dining scene amongst one of Europe’s largest student populations. Moreover, the new opening will create more jobs, and is an area in Manchester that Archie’s can help to develop, continuing Archie’s mission to be an ever growing, and forever loving place to be.

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