Indulge in three new vegan specials at Vapiano, Corn Exchange Manchester

Vapiano is a well-known Italian restaurant in Europe, however pretty new to the UK and have branches located in London and Manchester. This month they have launched three special vegan dishes.

Upon arrival you are given a card, so when you order your food they will scan it, so it acts as your bill – pretty cool concept eh? You can order drinks at the stations or you can order at your table. This restaurants authenticity doesn’t just lie with the chefs but also with the staff and that’s what makes it great.


First up is the Fungi Bolognese, a ragout made of mushrooms, carrots and celery in its very own Vapiano tomato sauce, with onions marinated with soy sauce and fresh herbs. You are able to choose your own pasta ranging from tagliatelle, pappardelle, spaghetti, fusilli and so on. I’m intrigued as to how many pasta types they offer.


Next up is the Zuaa Caramellata, a creamy risotto with Hokkaido pumpkin, orange juice, coconut milk and a splash of vegan white wine, ginger, sesame and lime. This dish may sound odd, as it has a mix of dressings but you’d be surprised at the taste.


And finally, drumroll please, the vegan pizza! The Con Cipolle Balsamico made with shallots, aubergine, basil and rosemary with homemade tomato sauce. It was an unusual looking pizza as there was no cheese, however satisfying as you can eat guilt free. 

Vaps (as I call it) is only a five minute walk to the Arndale shopping centre, so after some serious Italian you can do some shopping or you can head over to the Printworks to watch a movie at the Odeon, or maybe a few cocktails in Northern Quarter.

The three vegan dishes will be on the menu until the end of October 2016.

Written by: Jenny Ho – Follow my Blog!

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