Freakshake at Byron

The Corn Exchange Manchester has dramatically changed from the weary shopping centre it used to be, filled now with urban restaurants offering a contemporary dining experience including Byron restaurant. I was delighted to be invited to Byron’s Freakshake event over Halloween celebrating their new Oreo Freakshake! It’s been a long time since I ventured to the corn exchange and after never being to Byron, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. We walked into a light and simple set restaurant which looked not just inviting, but quite elegant in its modern open plan layout and as I looked into the back of the restaurant, I could see some kind of opening but just wasn’t sure what it was.

We were welcomed by a friendly member of the team who kindly showed us to the upstairs room where the event was being held. Low candlelit tables set against the glass balcony, showcasing the interior of the Corn Exchange. As we took our seat’s, a polite lady told us about what Byron stood for and basically their mission, to simply deliver delicious hamburger bar style food, made from only the best ingredients with a Craft beer or a delicious shake. They were not kidding! we were served a selection of fresh food off their menu including: nachos, sweet potato fries and I have to say the most mouth-watering chicken nuggets I have ever tasted. I was naïve enough to think it couldn’t get much better until the Oreo Freakshake arrived, creamy vanilla ice cream whipped in chocolate sauces and topped with chocolate brownie and Oreo cookie. I have never seen a shake like it, it was definitely big enough for two sharing, and was just the tastiest shake/ dessert I have ever had! Before the night was over we were kindly asked if we wanted to make our own creation of Freakshake, of course I jumped right in, Strawberry ice cream whipped in to a smooth thick shake, real strawberry’s with chocolate fudge syrup and shavings of Dairy Milk crunchy, I was in shake heaven!

We had just the best time at Byron, the staff are really fun and genuinely helpful and polite, the food is incredible and I loved the atmosphere. I must admit the biggest shock was when we ventured to the back of the restaurant when we had finished and walked in to the outdoor indoor dining area. What a restaurant and what a place to dine, I felt like I was in some warm climate in a cobbled street somewhere, surrounded by cultural delights. I can safely say I had a great time and will definitely be going back for more!

By Shanie Dover

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