The turn of season has inspired Crazy Pedro’s to bring its customers a fresh twist on a classic Italian-American sandwich for this month’s Crazy Pedro’s pizza special – I WISH I WAS IN NEW ORLEANS.

You may not have heard of a Muffuletta, but if you’ve been lucky enough to have visited New Orleans over the last 110 years then you’ll know this is an all-time classic! Originating from the Central Grocery Company in 1906, traditionally the Muffuletta is a large, round flattened loaf, very similar to focaccia, and is used for the sandwich that consists of olive salad, mortadella, cured meats and provolone. What better way to take a large, round and flattened sandwich than turning it into a pizza.

Crazy Pedro’s are proud to present I WISH I WAS IN NEW ORLEANS and will be serving this piece of history that includes ingredients of Pedro’s classic pizza sauce, mozzarella, mortadella, sliced ham, salami and finished with Boscoli olive salad served on their famous freshly made base and stone baked to perfection. Oh, how I was I was in New Orleans….

As ever, the April special will be available either by the slice or an oversized 16 inch pizza at the original Crazy Pedro’s on Bridge Street, and at the new Crazy Pedro’s NQ on Short Street.

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