Disneyland Theme Park to open in Manchester?

Rumours are circulating that The Walt Disney Company are in final stages of completing a deal to acquire the Pamona Island land south of the city centre.

The decline of Pomona Island in central Manchester has been a topic of discussion for years – from bustling dockland to worn-out wasteland – this rare oasis now looks to get the boost that it needs. …and from the unlikeliest of sources.

The Walt Disney Group has been researching possible sites around the UK for several years with a number of previous options never coming to fruition due to high land costs around London and also its proximity to Paris.

Manchester has now jumped to the top of the list of desired sites due to it growing reputation as a cultural hotspot for tourists from around the world.

Initial plans would involve a 15 ride theme park, hotel lodging with 300 rooms and an onsite casino.

Local economists and politicians have welcomed the news saying that “ The park will further lift Manchester into the world stage, bringing extra jobs to the region along with an influx of additional tourist income to the city”.

Initial plans indicate that building work will begin early 2018 with the park set to open in May 2021.

Sources close to the deal state that The Walt Disney Group will be looking to use local companies that resonate with the Manchester ethos to assist with the development with waxi (Manchester Water Taxi’s) looking to provide the main form of transport from central Manchester to the park.

Who is excited? Are The Walt Disney Company right to open a theme park in the north? What rides do you expect them to have? Will this be better than its Paris counterpart?

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