New Kid on the Block for Ravers

Bringing together generations young and old, Raver Tots, a brand new series of family raves, is set to take the UK by storm later this month.

Founded by club promoter Mike Pickets, the brains behind the resurrection of the legendary Fusion raves five years ago, the events will see people take in a nostalgia trip of great tunes, iconic 90s dance venues and ball ponds.

Spanning old skool rave, happy hardcore, drum & bass, house and UKG, Raver Tots is the only event of its kind to bring the harder classic dance sounds to kids and parents alike. Resident artists on rotation include Nicky Blackmarket playing jungle/drum and bass, chart-topping UK garage legends Pied Piper, MC DT and DJ Luck & MC Neat and old skool rave pioneers Slipmatt, Vibes and Druid.

These legendary DJs will be playing venues fitting their status, as the shows are set to take in sites resonant with dance’s rich history, including Aldershot’s Rhythm Station, the Bath Pavilion, and The Old Fire Station in Bournemouth. Raver Tots is set to give families up and down the country the opportunity to share in fun-filled adventures. While ravers will rightly be drawn to the headliners, there will be a huge variety of activities for the tots to let off steam, from parachutes and glow sticks to bubbles, ball pits and balloons.

Founder Mike Pickets is also hoping to provide a way for kids with ADHD, which he himself lives with, to work off some energy in a fun-filled and safe environment: to take the ‘peace, love, unity, and respect’ ethos of the rave scene and translate it into positive attitudes towards mental health. A substantial donation will be made to ADDISS, a leading charity for people with ADHD, while £1 of every ticket will also go to the National Autistic Society.

Speaking of the events, Pickets said: “Since my early childhood I’ve been passionate about rave music, and setting up Raver Tots has given us the opportunity to use the rave scene as a platform to create awareness and raise money for Autism and ADHD. I suffered with ADHD as a child, and found there was very little help or understanding for what I was going through. We launched Raver Tots to try and combine great music and a sense of fun with an atmosphere of inclusivity, and we were so blown away by the response to our warm-up event that we’ve decided to grow Raver Tots nationally.”

So grab your young’uns and head on down for a combination of good times, great causes, and classic tunes – they’ll be heading your way soon!

More from Mike Pickets:

“At the age of 10 I would save my dinner money to buy rave tapes and records, and I learned to DJ by the age of 12 – it was all so new and exciting. By the age of 17, I’d played my first gig for One Nation at Brixton Academy. My passion continued into adulthood where I eventually ended up taking over the legendary ’90s rave brand Fusion, which at its peak sold out venues such as Wembley arena and the Sanctuary.

Working in the rave scene has given me some amazing times – and lead me through some difficult ones as well. Around three years ago, when I became a father, I decided I’d had enough of the late nights, booze, and everything else that comes with the lifestyle; I have now been teetotal for 3 years. I still have a huge passion for the music, but my primary focus in life is now my children. I felt I was in the right place to bring all these elements of my life together: being a parent, the love of the music and all the positive and fun aspects of rave culture without having to roll in at 7am!

We shared the video of our warm-up event on social media, which instantly went viral and reached a staggering 2 million people. This success has enabled me to grow the brand nationally, and we’re now hosting events all over the UK with some of the debut shows selling out in advance.

People’s enthusiasm has given us the opportunity to use Raver Tots as a platform to create awareness and raise money for Autism and ADHD. These are personal choices for me because as a child I suffered with ADHD and found there was very little help or understanding for what I was going through. I was often labelled and had quite a tumultuous youth, which could have been a lot easier if the help and support were there. I have family members affected by Autism, which seems to be much more widely recognised and understood nowadays, but there is still some way to go in our society. We want people to take the ‘peace, love, unity and respect’ ethos of the rave scene, and translate that into positive attitudes towards mental health.”

Upcoming dates:

  • October 1: DJ Slipmatt at Bath Pavillion (Bath)
  • October 21: Halloween special with DJ Slipmatt (Newport)
  • October 21: Halloween special with Nicky Blackmarket at Fire (London)
  • October 22: at Gorilla (Headliner to be announced – Manchester)
  • October 29: Nicky Blackmarket at Camberley Theatre (Camberley)
  • October 29: at Preston Guild Hall (Headliner to be announced – Preston)
  • November 19: DJ Vibes at The Old Fire Station (Bournemouth)
  • December 17: at Unit 9 (Headliner to be announced – Milton Keynes)
  • December 23: at Pyramids (Headliner to be announced – Portsmouth)
  • February 10: at Princes Hall (Headliner to be announced – Aldershot)


Tickets are available from just £6. For every ticket sold, £1 will be donated to the National Autistic Society.

Tickets available from:

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