Dinosaur fans including Helen Flanagan, Catherine Tyldesley, Brooke Vincent, Nikki Sanderson, Adam Thomas and Chelsee Healy attend the first exclusive look at Dinosaurs in the Wild, as it launches at Event City, Manchester

Last night, celebrities including Helen Flanagan, Catherine Tyldesley, Brooke Vincent, Nikki Sanderson, Adam Thomas, Ashley Taylor-Dawson, John Thomson and Chelsee Healy along with their families, celebrated the launch of the new multimillion-pound hit attraction, Dinosaurs in the Wild, as it made its way from Birmingham’s NEC to EventCity in Manchester.

Other celebrities on the night included Hollyoaks stars Kirsty Lee Porter, Krupa Pattani, Ruby O’Donnell and Emmerdale child stars Amelia Flanagan and Alfie Clarke. All were whisked by time machine to join scientists at an extraordinary research station – TimeBase 67 – which has been built on the Late Cretaceous plains 67 million years ago.

On their amazing voyage of discovery, they drove with their guides through lumbering herds of dangerous dinosaurs, plunged their hands into dinosaur poo, watched a dinosaur autopsy, witnessed hatchlings emerging from eggs and visited The Lookout, with its panoramic views of the teeming prehistoric life in every direction.

In the Pathology Lab, celebrities Ashley Taylor- Dawson and Adam Thomas and their children were dazzled by an array of vials and jars of eyeballs, brains and teeth from the creatures that lived at that time.

Meanwhile Catherine Tyldesley and Nikki Sanderson took the children to get their hands dirty and dive into piles of dinosaur poo to discover the difference between carnivore and herbivore droppings. Guests were then able to see scientists conduct a live autopsy on a five-metre long crested Pachycephalosaurus, where the animal was suspended across an operating table lit by surgical lights, revealing some of its fascinating internal parts.

On the night, Chelsee Healey was seen exploring The Hatchery, as she got up close and personal with the three incubators which hold dinosaur eggs. John Thomson was found in the Animal Laboratory, which is divided into nocturnal and daytime areas with juveniles from species such as Leptoceratops, Acheroraptor and Ankylosaurus.

The creative director of the must-see experience, which officially opens in Manchester on Saturday 7th October, is Tim Haines, the award-winning producer of the TV series Walking with Dinosaurs.

Tim says: “After attracting huge crowds for Dinosaurs in the Wild in Birmingham, we look forward to taking Manchester time-travellers back to the Late Cretaceous Period 67 million years ago. This is a completely new kind of immersive experience, using the latest technology to make it feel like you really are there, with dinosaurs all around you, in their world.”

Producer Jill Bryant comments: “We’re confident that it really will amaze people! The time machine is fired up and ready to go – we want to share the adventure with as many families as possible in Manchester before we head off to the Greenwich Peninsula in London early next year.”

The experience will officially open at EventCity in Manchester on Saturday 7th October, before moving on to the Greenwich Peninsula in London on Saturday 12th February. Tickets for Dinosaurs in the Wild can be pre-booked at http://www.dinosaursinthewild.com and start from £25 for Advanced Off-Peak adult tickets and £85 for Advanced Off-Peak family tickets (2 adults and 2 children).

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