Chart-topping grime MC Bugzy Malone drops his latest video today and it’s sure to have fans dead excited. Teaming up with TV streaming service NOW TV, 2017 MOBO nominated Bugzy has released ‘The Walking Dead Riddim’ – a grime remix of the show’s iconic theme tune: https://youtu.be/qSXp_XdHvEA.

The track pays homage to the grime star’s obsession with post-apocalyptic FOX drama The Walking Dead, ahead of the launch of Season 8 on streaming service NOW TV on Monday 23 October.

To pull in some of the best talent in the industry, NOW TV enlisted the help of Grime legend Logan Sama, who acted as an executive producer on the project.

Produced by one of the UK’s leading grime producers Swifta Beater, the track is packed full of bars, beats, biting barbers and aggy energy, sure to get fans hyped ahead of the inevitable plot twists and turns Season 8 has to offer.

The song’s lyrics, penned by Bugzy, reflect on the gruesome story so far and speculate what’s next in store for Rick Grimes and his crew as the smash-hit show bites back with a vengeance.

The music video starts with Bugzy waking in a cold sweat as he remembers a particularly vivid nightmare in which he is the show’s protagonist Rick Grimes fending off a host of hungry walkers. As the day progresses, Bugzy’s dream becomes increasingly vivid as he recalls some of the most shocking scenarios Rick has faced in the seven-season run so far; including Lori’s death, the war with The Governor, and Negan’s terrifying reign.

As Bugzy recalls these scenes, he slowly realises everything around him is not what it seems and that his nightmare is becoming a reality.

The track culminates with Bugzy heading to the barber’s for a trim and coming face to face with a shocking scene: his barber transformed into a fully-fledged walker. Unable to escape the barber’s deadly clutches, Bugzy finds himself transformed into a flesh-eating walker too.

2017 MOBO nominated Bugzy said: I’ve always been a massive fan of the show. I love the grittiness, the dark atmosphere and the fear of the characters that pulsates through the show – which I always thought would make the perfect backdrop for a grime track. 

“Shooting the music video was sick – it was mad being in Rick’s shoes, having walkers chasing after me and getting hands-on with Lucille. It’s got me seriously pumped for Season 8 of The Walking Dead dropping on NOW TV.”

Fans can listen to ‘The Walking Dead Riddim’ and watch Bugzy’s walker filled video here https://youtu.be/qSXp_XdHvEA .

Stream Season 8 of The Walking Dead weekly on NOW TV with a contract-free Entertainment Pass. The first episode premieres at 9pm on Monday 23 October on FOX. 

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