INTRODUCING MANCHESTER’S LATEST GIN: Japanese inspired gin distilled with bamboo charcoal

KURO, a London Dry Gin which counts bamboo activated charcoal, silver birch bark, and spruce needles among its unique blend of botanicals, has been launched in Manchester at The Theatre of the Impossible.

Capturing essence of the Hakuba Valley

Manchester’s latest gin was born out of a skiing trip in the Hakuba Valley region of Japan, and aims to capture the essence of the Japanese Alps within its blend of botanicals.
Upon return, friends Manchester-based Craig Fell, and John Thomson sought to bottle their epic alpine experience and unleash it in the form of this premium London Dry Gin for gin lovers of Manchester and the UK to enjoy.

Crafted at the renowned Langley Distillery, KURO Gin is distilled in a 300 litre copper still in collaboration with Langley’s master distiller, Rob Dorsett, who has more than delivered on the brief to create a unique and drinkable interpretation of Japan for KURO.

KURO Gin launches with listings in all seven Harvey Nichols department stores nationwide, leading spirits retailer, Master of Malt, and the brand’s own website,<>, as well as a number of independent off licenses. The Japanese-inspired spirit is also available in a number of premium bars and restaurants in Manchester, including The Theatre of the Impossible and Arcane Bar.

KURO was launched to the UK hospitality industry at Imbibe Live 2017, an annual drinks trade exhibition at Olympia, London, where the complex and intriguing new gin was well received by the drinks trade.

Craig Fell, managing director at KURO<> Gin commented, “KURO has been 18 months in the making and we’re delighted with the end product. This is something completely different in the world of gin, and we hope to have captured the experience of the Hakuba Valley alpine slopes in every serve of KURO. What started off as an idea during apres-ski has developed through many stages and taste tests, and we’re keen to hear the UK’s gin lovers verdict on our unique blend of botanicals.

“The thrill of the slopes, beauty of surroundings, and overall sensory experience has been contained in each of the 12 botanicals, namely the three lead ingredients, silver birch bark, spruce needles and bamboo activated charcoal, which make-up KURO’s core identity as an earthy, aromatic Japanese take on a London Dry Gin, which brings an intriguing alpine freshness to a classic spirit.

“In the next 12 months we aim to secure further national listings in premium bars, restaurants and selected retailers across the country, and establish KURO among the British gin drinkers’ repertoire. International stockists are also among our first year targets, and I have an ambition to take KURO back to the place it was conceived, Japan.”

Bamboo leads the balanced botanicals

KURO, which translates directly as ‘black’ in Japanese, contains 12 carefully chosen botanicals, including;

1.  Bamboo activated charcoal – creates a smooth and pure spirit
2.  Silver Birch – brings a hay-like earthiness
3.  Spruce Needles – builds an intriguing and unmistakable alpine freshness
4.  Coriander – provides a clear citrus and faint floral aroma
5.  Orange – lends a burst of citrus freshness
6.  Orris – floral and sweet smell helps bind botanicals
7.  Nutmeg – adds a spice and warmth
8.  Juniper – the essential component, a key part of the distinctive London Dry Gin base
9.  Angelica – provides earthy and herbal tones
10. Lemon – provides an intense citrus perfume
11. Liquorice – creates the soft and smooth mouth feel
12. Cinnamon – adds warmth and an earthy base

Unquestionably gin

Tasting Notes
The spirit possesses an aromatic nose originating from its Japanese botanicals, balanced against a classic, complex, London Dry base. Bamboo activated charcoal and silver birch bring a hay-like earthiness to the clear spirit, with spruce needles building an intriguing alpine freshness. The result is a complex gin with a smooth and creamy mouth feel.

Suggested Serve
Fentimans Aromatic Tonic garnished with juniper berries, apple and mint leaves

Japanese elegance bottled

The small batch complex gin is presented in a black misted rectangular bottle, with a single cobalt yellow stripe running down its centre, making it easily identifiable on a crowded bar shelf or equally at home amongst the discerning gin enthusiasts drinks trolley. The rear of the bottle is decorated with a Japanese inspired, contemporary monogram visible through a backlit bottle.

KURO is the first project from Craig Fell who has experience as a designer, building and developing brands for international clients through his own marketing agency. John Thomson has over a decade’s experience in business management.

KURO Gin is produced in small batches of 3000 70cl bottles.

ABV: 43%.
KURO UK RRP: £45<><><><>

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