Tick, tock, tick tock…The clock is ticking at The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience this Halloween.

Step into the shadows. Throw down your garlic. Put away those crucifixes. They’re of no use in warding off the newest challenge at The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience this Halloween*; The Blood Baron – a time vampire, rising to menace the maze!

The Blood Baron is the sworn enemy of all resident maze masters and has them quaking in their sequinned boots. As a time vampire, he will use his powers to steal time from competing teams in the maze.

Be warned, the Blood Baron is a master of manipulation, and betrayal is his greatest weapon. He will never miss a chance to try and trick you into betraying your own team, and for those willing to accept the Blood Barons traitorous missions, leaving their teammates screaming “BUT WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT???”, there will be both reward and redemption.

Your senses will need to be on high alert as the Blood Baron will be lurking in the shadows of the maze and creeping up behind you when you least expect it. For the ultra-competitive, adventure-seekers the stakes are raised; as if a team loses a game, they also lose a crystal, and, in the event of a lock in, the price is two crystals for release rather than the usual one.

Can you take on the maze and defeat the Blood Baron at the same time?

Will your teammates betray you?

Or, will you become the traitor?

In addition to the challenges within the Maze’s Aztec, Medieval, Industrial and Futuristic themed zones, you’re guaranteed a spooky Halloween experience much more frightening than a haunted house and unquestionably more adventurous than your typical trick-or-treat outing.

With two attractions, one in London** and one in Manchester***, be sure to book tickets in advance if you’re planning a visit to The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience this Halloween or October half term.

All visits must be booked in advance by visiting https://the-crystal-maze.com/

*The Blood Baron addition to the attraction is present on Halloween night (31st October 2018) during the 8pm and 9pm shows in London and the 8pm to 9.15pm shows in Manchester only.

**Over 18s only

***Aged 13 and over but must each party must be accompanied by one person aged over 18

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