Zero-Waste store ‘One Small Step’ is building awareness and inspiring change in its local community

One Small Step is a zero-waste store stationed at Altrincham Market in Greater Manchester. It was created in response to the current plastic crisis that the planet is facing, and has received an overwhelming response from the local community since launching in April 2019.

One Small Step’s aim is to help customers on their way to a lifestyle that does not contain unnecessary waste, and ultimately to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our oceans or in landfill for centuries to come.

Founder, Rachael Wong, set out with the belief that the shopping experience should feel fun, interesting and educational. She wants customers to leave feeling good about themselves and their purchases, and hopefully encourage their network to do the same.

The response to One Small Step has been so great that in only three-months the size of the space and the range of products available has doubled. This is positive news for the local environment and for the planet as a whole, and is representative of the changes that people are willing and able to incorporate into their lives, and proof that the local community is open to taking responsibility for their actions.

Rachael says: “At One Small Step we want to change the paradigms around how we consume, we want to think outside the box and help the local community realise how convenient and easy a zero-waste lifestyle can be and also to introduce all of the alternatives to single-use plastic that are out there. Many people will be pleasantly surprised by the vast amount of alternatives so readily available to us all.”

At One Small Step you can find a wide variety of unpackaged pantry goods; like pastas, grains, cereals, healthy snacks, to name a few, personal and home cleaning products, such as washing-up liquid, laundry detergent, surface cleaner, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and more, which are part of a range of refillable goods, there is also a large selection of reusable and biodegradable lifestyle products, like water bottles, bamboo toothbrushes, beeswax wraps, shampoo bars, laundry soap-nuts, metal straws, lunchboxes and much much more. The majority of products are organic and all of them are cruelty-free and designed with a healthier planet in mind.

You can find One Small Step trading in Altrincham Market on : Tuesdays, Thursday, Fridays and Sundays from 10-4pm and Saturdays from 9-4pm.

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