Winter Wonderland Hosts Special Day for Families Affected by Autism

The UK’s largest Christmas indoor Winter Wonderland, is set to host a special autism-friendly family day on 9th December.

The organisers have created the autism-friendly, festive sensory experience as part of Winter Funland. It’s an exclusive event for autistic children and young people, and their families, to enjoy.

The Indoor wonderland will be closed to the general public, making it a safe, welcoming and exciting space for young people affected by autism.

There will be fewer crowds, the volume of the attractions will be lowered, the lighting and flickering lights will be reduced and a special space to chill out if any aspect gets too overwhelming will also be available.

Other exciting things such as a toned down sensory circus & a quieter and less light filled panto will feature, all which will ensure an enjoyable and calm atmosphere.

Winter Funland event director, Andy Windmill, said:

“So many children and young people are affected by autism and we understand that an event the scale of Winter Funland can be very overwhelming and be a sensory overload. 

We have worked with experts to advise us on ways we can make the event welcoming to people affected by autism. We have reduced the sensory input by reducing the volume of the attractions, reducing the flickering and brightness of the lighting” 

Winter Funland is dedicated to creating a fun event that everyone can enjoy. As part of this commitment, full-paying disabled ticket holders are entitled to one free ticket for their carer/personal assistant. Free carer tickets can be booked by calling Ticketline on 0161 832 111.

There is disabled parking available at the venue and disabled toilets within EventCity. The venue is fully wheelchair accessible too.

Tickets and further details are available via the website

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