Solardo, Groove Armada’s Tim Findlay and the Symphonic Ibiza Orchestra are the latest additions to the line-up for the UK’s first purpose built social distancing festival taking place in the Lancashire countryside at the Gisburne Park Estate.

The Gisburne Park Pop-Up is taking place until 31st August with 8 weeks of DJs,  live entertainment, open-air cinema and on-site glamping.  They are joining an eight week line up that also includes Sam Divine, Jackmaster and Jonas Blue.

Festival-goers can purchase day passes or multi-day glamping tickets with 24,000 attendees expected over the eight weeks.  Up to 480 festival goers can dance under the stars in their own individual hexagonal pitch, each large enough for a social bubble of six and spaced 2.6m apart. Drinks and food are delivered by waiters to the hexagonal pitches, eliminating the need for queuing. A one-way system ensures guests can make their way around the 10-acre site with a minimum of 2m physical distance between themselves and other guests.

DJ Dates

Sam Divine – 5pm, 1st Aug. Tickets from £55 pp

Jackmaster – 5pm,  8th Aug. Tickets from £55 pp

Symphonic Orchestra – 5pm,  14th Aug. Tickets from £55 pp

Tim Findlay (Groove Armada) – 5pm, 15th Aug. Tickets from £55 pp

Solardo – 5pm, 22nd Aug. Tickets from £55 pp

Jonas Blue – 29th August. Tickets from £55 pp

Gisburne Park Pop Up launched on July 11th with Manchester DJs Patrick Nazemi, Craig Harrison and Paul Harrison making history playing the first ever sets at the UK’s first ever social distancing festival. After a summer of cancelled events, the festival has captured the imagination of the world, receiving coverage as far reaching as Australia, USA and the UAE for its ambition and innovative social distancing practices. 100 temporary events and hospitality jobs have been created by the event.

The Gisburne Park Pop-Up festival is taking place at the Gisburne Park Estate, Clitheroe BB7 4HT until 31st August.

Tickets are available to buy from from Prices start from £35 per hexagonal pitch with ticketed DJ events starting from £55  per person. Boutique glamping starts from £120 per tent per night.

FAQs: Health + Safety and Covid-19

How is the festival set-up?

The main event site will be set up with dozens of individual hexagonal pitches, each large enough for a social bubble of six, are arranged across 10 acres of unspoilt meadow and ancient woodland. Suitable distance has been designed between each pitch to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Each pitch is equipped with deck chairs and an umbrella. The pitch is carefully designed to be large enough for everyone within to stay 2 metres apart if you wish. Designated bar to pitch service brings delicious food and drink directly to attendees, so there’s no need for queueing.

What social distancing measures are being put in place to protect guests?

Whilst the event is outdoors and therefore suggested the COVID-19 risk of transmission is lower, the following arrangements will be adopted to manage COVID-19 during the live event. This will constantly be reviewed to ensure it adheres to any further government guidelines:

  • Audience arrivals and departures will be staggered to reduce the likelihood of large numbers of people during ingress and egress

  • A well configured and sign posted car park

  • At any event it is important that the audience feel the space they are in is well organised and calm. This will be achieved via the prearranged segregated areas within the event footprint

  • The event footprint will be split into zones to ease movement of personnel during the live event, both staff and audience.

  • Each zone will have its own unisex toilets as well as service areas

  • All service will be undertaken by trained catering staff

  • The event footprint has been arranged to ensure social distance can be maintained so far as is reasonably practicable

  • The only time the audience should need to leave their area is initial entry, when using the welfare facilities and when leaving at the end of the event

  • Welfare areas will have clear markings on the floor to denote queues and give instruction on maintaining social distancing measures. Sufficient quantity of toilets, kept clean and tidy

  • The big screen and audio will be used to give further instruction to the audience prior to the event going live

  • Security and event staff are on hand to monitor, who in turn will all be trained in the procedures. Approachable support staff who can answer questions accurately.

  • Contactless ticket checking

  • Hand sanitiser available at multiple stations No

  • Sufficient quantity of toilets, kept clean and tidy

  • Designated smoking areas with capacities monitored

  • Clear communication of emergency procedures and facilities (such as first aid provision) through audio messaging and signage

  • Signage to designate spacing

  •  Visible signed cleaning rota checks in washroom facilities

  • Spare PPE available if requested

What handwashing facilities will be available?

Adequate numbers of toilets, urinals and washbasins and hand-sanitising points will be provided by a competent supplier. These facilities shall be maintained to ensure that they are kept in a clean and serviceable condition throughout the duration of the event and maintained to a high standard of hygiene.

  • Handwashing facilities with running water, soap and paper towels will be available at multiple locations both front and back of house for guests and staff

  • Staff required to wash their hands as part of the check in procedure on site

  • Regular breaks should be scheduled to wash/sanitise hands

  • Soap and water should be replenished regularly in temporary wash stations

  • Hand sanitiser (minimum 60% alcohol) will be available at locations in addition to washrooms

  • Provide suitable, lined, rubbish bins for hand drying towels, these should be emptied regularly and not be allowed to overspill

  • Hand sanitiser will be nearby for people getting in and out of vehicles or handling deliveries, if they are unable to wash their hands

  •  To ensure surfaces remain clean and increase in the level and frequency of cleaning as well as cleaning surfaces that you may not ordinarily clean.

What communications and guidance will be sent to guests in advance of the festival? 

Clear communication will be paramount in the pre-event phase. The following methods will be used mainly around the COVID 19 pandemic:

  • Informative messaging on the event website and social media channels will be used to give instruction and information to attendees, clearly stating the new rules and expectations will instil how seriously the management are taking the COVID-19 situation.

  • A health pack will be sent pre-event, stating the commitment to protecting the audience, reducing transmission risk and the methodology behind this, plus the expectations of attendees (what they should bring, what they shouldn’t bring, health screening questions etc.)

  • The site rules and conditions/restrictions of entry

  • Ticket purchasing sites has a link to the health and safety rules for the event, a check box on ticket purchase could request the attendee affirms that they have read them and agree to comply

  • Emails and push notifications can be sent out to attendees reminding them of the rules and expectations in the run up to the event and on the show days

  • On-brand signage on the journey to and around the venue to re-emphasise specific requirements, marketing materials showing people having a good time whilst adhering to rules.

What protocols with food and beverage vendors and staff need to adhere to? 

In order to provide food, which is safe, the catering manager will ensure that the following arrangements are made:

  • Each stage of the catering operation from preparation to consumption will be constantly monitored.

  • Hazard analysis associated with food safety will be carried out, and identified critical steps will be eliminated or satisfactorily controlled.

  • Food handlers will be trained in food safety and hygiene to a recognised standard.

  •  The highest possible standards of cleanliness will be maintained for equipment and premises.

  •  Clean protective clothing will be provided for all food handlers.

  • Food handlers will be screened to minimise the risk of contamination from food-borne infections.

  • Strict temperature controls will be maintained on all foods covered by legislation.

  • To ensure the safe use of catering facilities and the provision of uncontaminated foods, the following safe system of work is recommended.

  • All food and beverage will be managed by a fully trained in-house team  and no third party suppliers.

What social distancing measures are being put in during the build of the festival?

While mass gatherings as a whole are yet to receive any specific guidance in relation to safe working and implementation practises, guidance is available for the construction industry, which would also be relevant to the build and dismantle phases of a live event:

  • Take a risk-based approach consistent with health and safety law and coronavirus legislation

  • Observe social distance at all times

  • Observe hygiene and cleaning procedures

  • Observe social distancing procedures following government guidance

  • Have people working side-by-side rather than face-to-face

  •  Limit movement of people:

    • rotating between jobs and equipment

    • using lifts and work vehicles

    • in high-traffic areas like corridors, turnstiles and walkways

    •  allow only essential trips within buildings and between sites

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