An atmosphere you will want to be a part of, with chilled Balearic beats in the day, delightful cocktails, regular DJ sets, live music sessions, and the perfect spot to settle in a watch the summer of sport.

Think laid back, think delicious, a chance to finally restore that long lost holiday feel.

Following the success of The Terrace, which has been open since April, Great Northern Beach Club is pleased to announce its plans to open a mambo style entertainment bar, The Sunset Lounge. This is exciting news for locals and visitors who will be able to book out private beach huts to enjoy an eclectic mix of music, drinks, events, and spectating sport. Where better to watch sporting history than in this patch of paradise, just you and your 5 favourite mates?

For those who want to soak up the atmosphere in style, there are special bookable private beach huts, ideal for long summer nights and memorable moments with your mates. These exclusive huts bookings include a 42’ TV screen, a welcome drinks package, and your own personal host. Priced from £60, the huts will be bookable for up to 2 and a half hours so there’s no rush to leave.

The Sunset Lounge is now open for bookings with dates available from the 19th of May to the 1st of August 2021.

It promises to be a relaxed patch of Balearic bliss and chilled out atmosphere in the heart of Manchester. The bar will have a new range of summer drinks, from a wide assortment of fresh fruity cocktails and draught beers to vitamin infused health drinks. Plus, in the pipeline are several events, including ‘Aperol Weekenders’ ‘Bank Holiday Naked Session’ and summer brand collaborations.

The Sunset Lounge will have DJs playing tunes throughout the weekends to make you feel like you are holidaying in the Balearics. The bar plans to show all the main events for sports lovers, such as The Euros, Wimbledon and The Olympics. Live entertainment will also be a staple at The Sunset Lounge, with live music parties consisting of bands, saxophones and singers for you to enjoy while soaking up the good vibes. England vs Croatia kick starts the season on 13th June, and THIS is just the place to settled in with your mates. No rowdies bumping into you, just your own spot and your own server – everything brought to your exclusive private hut.

If that wasn’t enough, they’ve teamed up with FLEX YOGA to bring you Sunday morning yoga, for the early birds to help get your day off to a relaxed and mindful start.

The Great Northern Beach Club itself is an Ibiza themed beach bar that aims to bring a touch of the sunny Mediterranean to the people of Manchester. The announcement of The Sunset Lounge comes shortly after the opening of the much anticipated – The Terrace. The Terrace is the perfect spot to unwind and watch the sunset fall on the city. With the addition of The Sunset Lounge, guests will now have even more choice on how they want to get that holiday feeling.

Beach Hut bookings are limited, and The Sunset Lounge is not to be missed for anyone in need of that beach holiday feeling from the comfort of your own city.

Bookings now open!


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