Haunt MCR, a brand-new cocktail, wine and coffee destination has arrived on Manchester’s bustling Peter Street. 

From sun up to sun down, Haunt believes in the power of time consciously spent, whether it’s for a Monday morning coffee or Friday night wine, the all-day destination provides a remarkable offering and service in a warm and relaxed setting. 

Haunt MCR will focus on exceptional coffee, cocktails, wines and the stuzzichini (informal finger food) that has become synonymous with rousing the appetite. 

Haunt’s sophisticated interiors see plush booths, alongside informal bar seating and quartz topped surfaces. A welcoming place that invites guests to perch and sip and nibble. 

The enticing aperitivo menu features multiple spritzes, including Aperol Spritz, Hugo Spritz, Tarragon Spritz, Bellini and Rhubarb Fizz and classic cocktails including Negroni, Boulevardier, Gin Martini and Espresso Martini. 

For exceptional wines, Haunt’s exclusively Italian wine list will take guests on a journey from the North to South of Italy, showcasing the best of land and grape. There’s some familiar, firm favourites, supplemented with less known varietals produced with limited intervention to highlight the terrior.

Coffee is a way of life across continental Europe and Haunt will emulate this, serving exceptional coffee, supplied by North Star. Pop in for an espresso, flat white, latte or piccolo. 

Haunt MCR will initially open on Monday 14th June with a soft-launch period, set to continue until lockdown restrictions are eased. During this time, there will be a limited drinks menu on offer and no food being served. 

Once fully operational, Haunt MCR will serve its stuzzichini offering with small and large bites, Alongside stuzzichini, Haunt will also have a breakfast offering and traditional Italian pastries. 

The team behind the new venue is Will Parkinson from a Private Banking background & Sam Wheatley, formerly of the Pivovar Group and Andrew Pern’s Star Inn Group. 

Will Parkinson, creator of Haunt MCR, said  ‘The insolvency of private equity backed hospitality businesses has created a void for creative new independant concepts in their wake. People working in the surrounding area will understand the continental meaning of Aperitivo from their trips to Europe & in particular Italy. Haunt is the first of two venues we have secured funding for this year.” 

For more information visit www.haunt-mcr.co.uk or on Instagram: @Haunt.MCR

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