Half-Term Things To Do! – Electric Gamebox

As the February half term gets closer and the need to captivate energetic children and persuade tetchy teens to leave the house gets greater, Electric Gamebox – an unrivalled gaming experience like no other – promises to help parents in their quest for fun half term activities. 

Transporting players into world of action, puzzle and skill with a selection of 10 unique games, Electric Gamebox focuses on the idea of shared play ensuring players works together to solve the challenges and have the best time while doing it.

One of London’s top-rated immersive experiences, players are invited to step into a private Gamebox for a hyper-immersive, digital adventure. Each session involves patented technology with games coming alive through projection mapping, motion tracking and surround sound to create a truly immersive, sensory experience. 

With effortless gameplay and only having to wear a visor, the digital adventure is groundbreaking entertainment. Each game encourages teamwork and is exciting for both adults and children alike. The collection of games include:

Mossy Bottom Farm Championsheeps with Shaun The Sheep

The Mossy Bottom Farm Championsheeps is the immersive gaming company’s first collaboration with an official franchise developer, Aardman and its first experience specifically developed for younger children aged 5 and above. Players can step into the world of Shaun the Sheep for a 30-minute immersive game that will transport children into another world and challenge them to take on sporting events with a farm-tastic twist – from ‘Sheepy Uppy’ to lifting ‘Baah Bells’.

Rescue The Royals

Set in 2026, Britain is no longer a monarchy, but instead has been converted into a huge game show run by an American live-streaming service. In this 60-minute adventure, players are tasked with saving The Queen and the rest of the Royals who have been taken captive. Perfect for families with young children and teenagers. 

Temple Of Coins Junior 

Families can step into the Temple of Coins and collect as many coins as possible in this action-packed 15 minute game. Recommended for kids aged 5-7, but fun for the whole family. 

At Electric Gamebox, players can participate in groups of up to 6 per private Gamebox. Pricing starts at £5 for children and £10 for adults for a 15 minute session.

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