Launched in 2019, BLOK Manchester is a class-based studio located in the heart of the Northern Quarter. Merging fitness and design, the site includes three multidisciplinary studios that offer a wide range of classes, including callisthenics, barre, pilates, strength, yoga, HIIT and more.

The hero of all three studios is the boxing studio, 1250 sq ft and home to Boxcon 50 and Boxing 60. Boxcon 50 is a boxing conditioning class based on alternating three-minute rounds of pounding the bags and strength exercises. If you’ve never boxed before, prepare to be shocked by how much stamina and concentration it takes, but also how much fun you will have!

Boxing 60 is a great class for members looking to perfect the fundamentals of the sport whilst enjoying a high intensity workout. You can expect bag drills, pad combinations and shadow-boxing to help you develop timing, speed, power and technique to master boxing.

Both classes are suitable for boxers of all levels, whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned competitor. Hand wraps are compulsory for those attending a class and can be purchased at reception for £5. Customers are also advised to bring their own gloves where possible and these can be purchased at reception for £45 too.

Commenting on the influence of boxing on the creation of BLOK, Max Oppenheim Co-Founder of BLOK said:

“Ever since we started BLOK, boxing has been central to our offering. It’s a great skill to learn and perfect for building strength and fitness. I’ve been into boxing for years and was initially recommended to do yoga by a boxing instructor to improve my boxing technique and build strength. It was this multidisciplinary practice that inspired us to create a multi-discipline studio in the first place.

All of our boxing studios combine functionality with great design – BLOK Manchester is in a converted Victorian warehouse with beautiful natural light and original features. Our instructors have deep boxing backgrounds – their aim is to develop and perfect the fundamentals of boxing while providing a serious workout.”

To book a boxing class at BLOK Manchester prices start from £15 per class and you can sign up here:

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