Are you stuck in the Rat race?

The Manchester Rat Race is a citywide challenge that requires logic, endurance and teamwork to reach a secret location.

Taking place on 24th September 2017 at 1pm, it’s a brilliant excuse to have fun, develop team skills and discover parts of the city that you never knew even existed. Manchester Rat Race offers the opportunity to compete as part of a team, solving clues which will take you from location to location.

It challenges you to take on the city in a completely different way. The challenges’ main obstacles involving puzzles and riddles designed to take this experience to a whole other level.

Despite the fact that the entire course can be jogged in just about an hour, the race will generally last between four and six hours. Despite the fact that stamina is important, it isn’t an athletic torso or prowess which will help you win – it’s the strength of your brain.

Logic will help you succeed. It’s been designed to be cheat-proof and trying to do so will backfire. However, phone use isn’t frowned upon in this case it is actually allowed and even encouraged because it will only help direct you part-way to getting the correct answers.

Toby Wilson says The Manchester Rat Race is a reminder to look up and around us. “We are caught in an almost Groundhog Day culture,” the event organiser says. “Wake up, work, gym, dinner, bed, repeat”.

Venturing down Deansgate, sadly fifty per cent of people are on their phone, blinded to all of the amazing things happening in the city – street art, new bars opening, a sunset, nature.

“The Rat Race is all about teamwork and coming together, experiencing the outside and having some good old-fashioned fun. In a sense this will take you back to your childhood, to the days before mobiles were the most important thing and instead ‘playing out’ was – Running around, solving clues regaining your imagination.”

Contestants, get ready to take to the effervescent streets of Manchester. Take the opportunity, grab a team of players, and use your brain to become the champion of the Manchester Rat Race 2017.

Teams will receive details of a start location, as well as some mind-bending clues on the day. To be part of this you need to register online by 20th September, and due to alcohol being involved in some challenges it’s a strictly 18+ event.

Purchase tickets here.

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