Veganuary might be a challenge for newbies, but Corn Exchange is taking the stress out of the month with super delicious dishes that will make you forget all about meat and dairy.


The winners of the best vegan menu at the 2018 PETA awards, Cosy Club’s vegan-dedicated menu will take you to vegan heaven. With a wide variety of choices of vegan dishes, there’s something for everyone.

An energy-fuelled breakfast is the best way to start your morning. Try a tasty vegan full-breakfast, filled with falafel, grilled tomatos, wood-roasted peppers, spinach, potato rosti and baked beans with sourdough toast. Prefer something lighter? Scrambled tofu, filled with peppers, kale, lovage pesto and tomato tapenade will certainly make your morning brighter.

Cosy Club are also offering delicious mains ranging from a Thai burger or a falafel & hummus sandwich.


Think you have to give up pizza this veganuary? Think again! Choose from a wide range of pizzas including the tasty puttanesca pizza, filled with jackfruit marinated in a traditional puttanesca sauce of tomatoes, olives, capers, red onion, chilli, garlic & herbs, with vegan mozzarella finished with fresh parsley on a classic base.


Kick off your new year’s health kick at everyone’s favourite Vietnamese restaurant, Pho. Add a little spice to your day with Pho’s super indulgent spicy salad rolls. Wrapped carefully in lettuce, carrots and Pho noodle soups with the addition of courgette and butternut squash noodles, the dish will have you wanting more. The menu is packed full of delicious vegan options.


For a flavour packed meal, head to Mowgli. With mouth-watering dishes including spiced treacle tamarind fries, so wrong, but so right…

Other vegan-friendly dishes include the famous Mowgli Chip Butty. A flavour grenade filled with roti wrap, fenugreek kissed turmeric fries, chilli pickle, red online, coriander, green chilli & Mowgli tomato relish.


Let Wahaca take the stress out of veganuary with delicious Mexican dishes.

A Chargrilled Crown Prince squash is a firm vegan favourite, with squashes sourced from the team at Riverford Organic. The tasty dish is served with kale and cashew nut mole sauce alongside herb spiked salad and a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds. Full of flavour and bursting with healthy ingredients.


Experience authentic South East Asian vegan cuisine at Tampopo this January.

Take the opportunity to explore the sizzling wok-fried dishes including tamarind tofu which boasts zesty tamarind sauce, served on a bed of Asian greens and topped with fried onion flakes. Enjoy 30% off main courses in January – perfect!

Fancy a dessert? A Vietnamese fried banana dessert, coated in breadcrumbs and crunch nuts, served with mango sorbet.

The new year means one thing – resolutions. Corn Exchange is here to make healthy choices a whole lot easier, along with being super tasty!

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